Liers in Wait

Metroplex REUNION at STAGE 13 ~ The RAILYARD ~ 448 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. ~ Info 404-462-7959 ~ The REUNION ~ Anti~Heroin Benefit ~ $10 ~ 18 and older unless accompanied with a parent. Entertainment provided by ~ LIERS IN WAIT ~ NAKED TRUTH ~ ANTAGONIZERS ATL ~ BLUE TOWER ~ DJ Mitch Cherry ~ DJ Mitch Cotton ~ 2 pm - 12 pm


Power takes many forms. Lying in wait for many years is a group of artists who have finally mastered the dynamics of reality through their music. Liers in Wait has taken the pursuit of reason through melody and verse to a plateau that is seldom reached by emerging artists. Recently named Atlanta's Best Electronica Band in 1999 Creative Loafing's Best of the Best Awards, Liers in Wait full length release entitled Shockwaves hits the listener like a Demerol sledgehammer.

Liers in Wait made their national debut with the release of Spear of Destiny by Railroad Records in 1994. Spear of Destiny charted well in the college Music Journal with wide rotation in 200 radio markets. This included four #1 and twenty-four Top-10 ratings. The band had a total of 57 top thirty ratings. Spear of Destiny also received widespread critical acclaim being reviewed in national publications such as Propaganda Magazine, Seconds Magazine, Alternative Press, Industrial Nation, Ink Nineteen and B-side to name a few.

Liers in Wait combines all the paranoia of hell with the perspective of Buddha. They have created their own firebrand of prophecy and melody. Once turned on, this CD cannot be stopped.

Liers in Wait puts on one hell of a show. It's sexy, dramatic, hard hitting and very entertaining.





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